Earthly joins Trustable Credit


, the movement to invest in nature led by experts and businesses, has joined Trustable Credit.

Earthly is a platform that connects businesses to high-quality nature-based solutions (NbS) that remove carbon, restore biodiversity and support local communities. They are starting a Natural Revolution with people who want to work with nature, not against it, helping businesses and individuals to balance their carbon impact – and go beyond, to become climate-positive. Earthly’s focus is on profiling underrepresented and innovative NbS, whilst mapping out the wide spectrum of co-benefits related to projects. Their immersive platform makes it easy to see and share these co-benefits, which are brought to life through interactive 3D visualisation. Olly Bolton, CEO said:

“Our immersive platform makes it easy for you to monitor investments and develop a deeper relationship with the projects you are investing in. You’ll see the positive impact you’re making – for the planet and communities – as our visualisation evolves in line with real world projects. We aim to bring trust and transparency to investments in high-quality nature-based solutions through a scoring system for carbon, biodiversity and people and a climate resilience grading system. We can only provide this with a combination of data from digital devices such as satellites, drones and sensors. That data needs to be trustable. The open standards we will co-create together with the adhocracy will enable that.”