Gentle Farming joins Trustable Credit


Gentle Farming, the business supporting regenerative agriculture in the UK, has joined Trustable Credit.

Gentle Farming’s business model and system allows farmers to quantify and market the amount of soil carbon they are sequestering into their soils per year. A regenerative farmer himself, founder Thomas Gent made the most of the first lockdown by looking into what opportunities soil carbon could provide for farmers and promote regenerative agriculture. They use an internationally recognised European soil carbon certification program called Commodicarbon. The system uses the best methods and technology available today in a practical and accessible way for farmers.  Thomas Gent, Founder, said:

“We offer the UK’s first fully certified soil carbon offsetting scheme, but want to reward farmers for the holistic picture of their regenerative agriculture practices. By joining Trustable Credit, we are co-creating the open standards that any digital devices and their data measuring carbon sequestration, biodiversity and nature improvements can bring to that picture.”