Applied Genomics joins Trustable Credit


Applied Genomics, the DNA analysis service lab whose mission is to build better understanding of where the wild things are, has joined Trustable Credit.

Applied Genomics use DNA-based technologies to quantify biodiversity, creating big data opportunities for measuring the current state of biodiversity, providing indicators for genetic diversity and identifying tipping-points between biological communities along impact gradients. They currently do this in marine, aquatic and terrestrial environments in the oil & gas, fisheries & agriculture, ports & maritime and regenerative agriculture sectors. Sebastian Mynott, Chief Operations Officer and Principal Molecular Ecologist, said:

“Our data products are well equipped to reducing uncertainties in decision-making for investment in site-specific projects. Co-developing open standards mean that our data can be more interoperable and useful for being a part of carbon, biodiversity, or nature improvement credit creation. We look forward to bringing our perspectives on DNA approaches for valuing natural capital into the fold”.